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“Ganesh Engineering Works ” is a well-known Manufacturer of a flawless assortment of Transformer Tanks, Tank Fabrication, etc. Incepted in the year 2010 at Mehsana(Gujarat, India), we are a Sole Proprietorship firm and manufacture the offered products as per the set industry norms. Ganesh Engineering Works clients can avail of these so products from us at reasonable rates. Under the headship of “Mr Bhailal M Patel” (Owner), so Ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad.

SVPS Culture of conscientiousness, ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad accountability and reliability is ingrained in our business strategy. It’s a competitive advantage we practice and encourage every day as ganesh Engineering Works ahmedabad address important global issues such as the environment, ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad, and employee and supplier diversity. ganesh Engineering Works

ganesh Engineering Works
  • Not compromising with quality
  • Continuous improvement of quality
  • Maintaining delivery schedule in time
  • Timely completion
  • Good relationship and ensuring good code of conduct

Our Mission:

Our ultimate goal is to have its own identity in the field of electrical installation as trusted by in all respects for high-quality time-bound and cost effect. so ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad

Low Prices, High Quality

Our policy to ensure 100% accuracy meeting with the latest I.E regulations by employing highly skilled and experienced professionals in a similar field.

Client Satisfaction

We are a client-centric organization try to satisfy our customers by offering a highly durable range of material equipment at cost-effective prices ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad.

We are a well-established manufacturer and exporter of a superior quality range of material handling equipment and accessories.

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ganesh Engineering Works

Ganesh Engineering Works

Ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad is counted among the eminent organizations engaged in offering  Transformer Tanks, Tank Fabrication. The offered power products adhere to the set industrial standards and norms. Owing to our ganesh Engineering Works ahmedabad products and client-centric approach, ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad able to establish ourselves in the national as well as in the international market. ganesh Engineering Works ahmedabad

Some of the reasons that made us the preferred choice of our clients are as follows:

  • Timely delivery
  • After-sale services
  • High responsiveness
  • Large product line
  • Premium quality products
  • Reasonable rates
  • Superior raw materials

With the high initial cost of cylinders and the great weight of metal which has to be carried, the transport of gases in cylinders is expensive. By transporting oxygen as a liquid in insulated tankers ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad, the vessel only weighs about half as much as the liquid oxygen contained, which results in a considerable saving in transport ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad.

Constant attention should be given to hoses their connections because old hoses and poorly fitting connections are a potential source of danger. Ganesh Engineering Works, hoses may become cracked due to rough handling, or the rubber perishes and the nipples become worn. Hence it is wise to renew the hoses as required to prevent fires or explosions due to oxygen acetylene leaking from the equipment.

should not be used to repair or join acetylene hoses, copper and acetylene combine to form a compound known as copper acetylide. This is an explosive compound that may be detonated by friction, a spark, or a blow. Nor should friction, or insulated tape, be used to bind the hose in an effort to stop leaks, Ganesh Engineering Works gas will still force its way out no matter how tightly the tape is bound.

The blowpipe is the device that regulates the flow of oxygen and fuel gas. Tubing attached to the regulators is connected to the blowpipe by the inlet connections that are situated at one end of the blowpipe (left-hand thread for acetylene, right-hand thread for oxygen). Two valves control the amount of gas that enters the blowpipe and they are conveniently placed near the inlet connections ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad.

The mixing chamber where the gases are mixed must be correctly designed so ensure that the two gases such as oxygen and acetylene are completely mixed in their correct proportions. Fuel gases such as acetylene ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad, are highly flammable and burn very rapidly, and the mixer design has to make allowance for this fact.

Most small workshops use combination welding and cutting blowpipe. To change from one operation to the other it is only necessary to unscrew the welding attachment from barrel of the blowpipe and replace it with the cutting or heating attachment. so ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad.

the cleaners otherwise the orifices will be damaged. The nozzle face should be flat clean and this can be accomplished by using fine emery cloth. The nozzle is held vertically and is rubbed across the emery cloth with long regular strokes, turning the nozzle through degrees after a few strokes. ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad.

required to melt most metals. The oxy-acetylene the gas combination is the only oxygen-fuel gas combination that burns completely to produce a non-reactive secondary flame or envelope suitable for fusion welds. This secondary flame does not influence the weld pool and also acts as a neutral shield protects the weld and weld area from the effects of atmospheric gases. so ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad.

A neutral flame is produced when acetylene and oxygen burn in the proper proportions, ie equal volumes. It is made up of a distinct and clearly defined incandescent cone surrounded by a faint secondary flame or envelope. The length of the inner cone should be between three to five ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad. The flame desired is what may be termed as a ‘gentle’ or ‘soft flame so ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad’, not a ‘harsh flame’. A harsh flame increases the agitation of the molten metal and causes metal to be forced over unfused areas.

In general, a flux should be used to remove any contamination from the surface ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad and to help to protect the surface from the effects of the atmosphere. Most fluxes are slightly acidic and will etch the surface of the material when heated. Fluxes may be based on resins, borax, sodium, or fluorides. There is a particular flux blend to suit each application; examples are given from the Gases range. also Ganesh Engineering Works Ahmedabad

the model was used to describe the influence of input parameters such as cutting current and cutting speed on the analyzed process response. According to this, the plots were created that can be used to identify cutting conditions that lead to minimal surface roughness values.


We are committed to providing a professional service to the customers and receive their valuable feedback to continuously improve the level of work. 


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